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Social Media Marketing Training

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Bangladesh is one of the largest internet users in Asia Pacific region. Most of the Bangladeshis are habituated to use social media. The market is huge in promoting any product or service. Social media marketing can be profitable for any kind of business for its cost effectiveness. It helps for creating brand awareness, more conversion rate, better customer satisfaction and more.

If you are a job seeker, job holder or businessman, you can run your company or grow your business by reaching out more potential customers or clients. Moreover, you can build a smart career as a freelancer. Are you an expert in social media marketing?


Facebook has truly changed the advertising way in online. Facebook not only offer you to a build a community by a fan page or a group but also it has the platform to do advertising campaigns. You can run advertisements on your suitable or custom budget for your business. You can easily find so many interested people in one platform. Facebook provides you necessary tools to reach maximum of your business audience depending on demographics, educational level, location, interest etc. as your requirement interest. So, it totally depends up to you who can see your ads and how often these ads will appear to your targeted people.


People use Youtube for two major reasons, for entertainment and learning. If you are good at them and have excellent presentation skill, Youtube can be a better earning platform. Professional Youtubing is not just only creating and posting videos. It requires finding out the best niche possible and ranking on desired keywords.


LinkedIn is the largest professional social media in the world. Professionals are connected and use LinkedIn for personal branding, sharing their knowledge, creating network, getting hired and acquiring valuable B2B leads. If you are a job holder, having a deep knowledge in LinkedIn will add some weight on your CV.


Twitter is fun to use that can boost up your online visibility rapidly. This micro blogging site is excellent for reaching out wide audience in a short time and you can create your brand identity in organic way. Explore the magic of hashtag research and Tweet for the largest audience reach possible. Twitter is different and has its own business value. You can easily find out international clients through this social media platform.

In our social media marketing training, we have covered mentioned social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing Course Module:

  • bulletNiche Selection for Your Business
  • bulletFacebook Advance Audience Targeting
  • bulletFacebook Ads Quality Maintenance
  • bulletFacebook Paid Campaign
  • bulletFacebook Pixel & Retargeting
  • bulletYoutube Competitor Analysis
  • bulletYoutube Channel Optimization
  • bulletYoutube Video Optimization
  • bulletYouTube Monetization
  • bulletLinkedIn Premium
  • bulletLinkedIn Keyword Research and targeting
  • bulletLinkedIn lead generation
  • bulletTwitter anatomy
  • bulletTwitter hashtag research
  • bulletTwitter widget embed


Duration: 3 months
(1.30 hours a day, 3 days a week)

Course Fee

BDT 5,000/-


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